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Best No-Budget Film Award

Berlin Independent Film Award, 2018

Best Experimental Film Award

PixelsGARAGE Awards of Excellence, 2020

September 13 to 30, 2021

Strangelove Festival, Folkestone, UK

Online screening accessible for free

May 19 (7pm) to May 21 (9pm), 2021

Butohpolis, Warsaw, PL

As part of the Butohpolis Festival 2021

5 April 2021, 16:00

Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, RS

Serbian Premiere

As part of the Performance Art Film Program

22 November and 10 December 2020

Fuorinorma #4 La via neosperimentale del cinema italiano

Italy Online Premiere, accessible for 24 hours from 20:00 on

15-18 January 2020, every day 12:00-20:00

Venice International Performance Art Week, Venice, IT

Italy Premiere

European Cultural Centre | Palazzo Mora

As part of the exhibition Dissenting Bodies - Marking Time

2-20 December 2019, Mon-Sat 13:00-16:00h

Temporary Contemporary, Huddersfield, UK

As part of the exhibition Windows into Worlds

17 October 2019, 16:00-22:00h

Collective Signatures III - Arcipelago, Formentera, ES

Spain Premiere
Cinema Sala Cultura

7 March to 2 June 2019

Galeria Studio, Warsaw, PL

Poland Premiere

As part of the exhibition Film as Idea, Film as Film, Film as Art | Ewa Partum – My gallery is an idea

4 November 2018,15:00h

SPILL Festival of Performance, Ipswich, UK

UK Premiere

Ipswich Film Theatre

12 May 2018, 19:30h

AVIFF Art Film Festival Cannes, FR

France Premiere

Hotel Eden Auditorium

19 February 2018, 22:00h

Berlin Independent Film Festival, DE

World Premiere

Kino Babylon


Knowledge is formed on the journey, not by reaching the goal. And so it was for VestAndPage. 

– Gazzetta Italia

Plantain is not only a poetic recollection of what a family has passed through, shaped by artistic creativity in flashes of personal remembrances torn between time past and time present  – but moreover this film is also a memory message to every human being.

– Lucrezia De Domizio Durini

VestAndPage have been able to create –once again– images that are not only intense and touching, but in the best sense: new. Many times I had the impression that I had never seen something like this before. The scenes are poetic, surprising, thought-provoking in their simplicity. The backward sequences and the intangibility of the characters that appear and disappear throughout the performative scenes are very telling. Something ineffable, which eludes itself in time but that at the same time is constantly present, connects with a feeling of guilt. There are no classifications on the visual or temporal level, a safe orientation is being denied within the story as well as to the viewer – an attitude of life with which I can profoundly empathise. The project is complemented by the documentation that shows the artists during their month-long performance walk– referencing the film work into realtime, and grounding it into the present.

– Dr Ralf Peters, Philosopher and artist, Cologne

Awing, compelling, intriguing. I was moved, sad, and curious always about where it would take me next. The images are stunning. The recurring presences of the two characters are a kind of anchor, and yet each time they also transformed, led to another understanding, and made me think differently of what I was constructing as the story. The histories, and the people, the past and present and future, became more and more intertwined and layered. The impact of history goes deeper and deeper— we carry it with us whether or not we understand it, or even know it. 

– Marilyn Arsem, Artist, Boston

VestAndPage turn performance art into their own life, or their own life into performance art. They inhabit the world, and build momentary nests asking for magic. Always together, they search for the other, as this is perhaps the most intimate part of ourselves. To arrive without interruption, to understand the body, and to listen to the whispers. In a macrocosmic wave of a sea of ​​footsteps takes place Plantain, a month-long performance starting May 8, 2015.  Safe travels for these minds and bodies.

– Lavandaria Young

This project makes me think of my own paths, of paths that I chose to go, of who was with me on them, of who is no more and of who will be. To honour memory, love and curiosity in this way is truly inspiring.

– Jessica Berlanga-Taylor, Curator, Mexico City

The artists recreate the story with brilliant imagery that produces a film that can be a case study in conceptualism. Plantain is not a documentary; it is an artist’s interpretation of the circumstances that compelled her forefathers to make difficult choices in a very turbulent phase in human history. This film is about human emotions and relations as much as it is about the aftermath of war and the effects of human greed for power and dominance.

– Pixelsgarage

Strona Tańca (May 2021, Polish)

Pixelsgarage (November 2020)

Blickwechsel: Journal für deutsche Kultur und Geschichte im östlichen Europa (Spring 2016, German)

Gazzetta Italia (September 2015, Italian)

Kunstforum (June 2015, German)

Heilbronner Stimme (May 2015, German)

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